Monday, July 25, 2011

Hahaaaaaa I suck.

The weeks are kind of blurring together, anyways.

The most significant things about last week were:

The HEAT. Ugh. We went outside for maybe a total of half an hour (besides going to and from the car) the whole week, playing on the new swingset that M set up for A. And that was at like 8:30am and it was already over 80 degrees. EW. Luckily this week is shaping up to be quite a bit cooler :-)

Bubba learned to CLIMB!!! At baby gym on Thursday, he climbed on some gym-mat-type stairs and onto two different risers--always with my phone as an incentive, lol. I was SO PROUD!

In other news, one of their dogs is sick. And even though he annoys me all the time, I still feel bad for him! Poor thing is hardly eating, and when he's let outside he eats grass, which for dogs equals he feels like shit. :-/ Vet says he'll be fine, but it's worrisome. and I had to clean up his puke, which sucked.

Oh, also, Weds we met a really nice lady who has a 2 year old and is pregnant with what was and could become again a high-risk pregnancy. She was originally put on bed rest, and so was looking for someone to take care of her little girl a few hours a week. Now she's off of bed rest, but we still met up in case she ends up back on it! She also has been running an in-home daycare for a few years, and was a nanny before that, so it was really awesome to talk to her and get her perspective. And her little girl, whom I'll call Bell, was adorable. I think it would be really good for A to have regular, prolonged exposure to an older child--versus an hour here and there at playgroup, this would be like 9 hours a week. And, oh yeah, extra money would be nice too :-P

That's about it for last week!

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