Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh what a difference a month/week/day makes...

A is smack in the middle of the age range that I prefer to work with right now...because every single day is a new discovery. From one day to the next, a new sound or "word" could be added to his vocabulary. Every week he seems to be able to point to a new body part (he can now do "belly" and we're working on "bum-bum" lol). Every month he's like a totally different child! 

Newest super-cute things:
-he likes to back up and sit on things. This can be anything from your lap, to his mini-couch, to your legs that are sticking out when you're sitting on the couch (warning! this is likely to result in a bang and tears!), to his father's head. Don't lie/sit down on the floor around this kid unless you are prepared to be sat upon! It's super cute, though, especially when we're out at playgroup or story time and he's running around and then all of a sudden here comes his little butt plopping in my lap. 
-he's been repeating two-syllable "words" recently. One day it was boyga--boygaboygaboyGAboygaBOyga over and over, to himself, no meaning, just for the heck of it. Another day it was maminaminaminamamamina. Hopefully one of these days he'll get NaNa (me) and Mama! He still says Dada for most things...typical. 
-I swear I've heard him singing! One time this past week he was playing independently as always, and he made a whole bunch of different sounds (not repeating ones like i said above) and in different tones. Nothing recognizable but who knows! Also one day last week I swear he was beat boxing. He was going "puhpsssspuh" etc, rhythmically. He could be the next CeeLo, like in that 7Up commercial! He LOVES when we do one of the Music Together songs that is basically just Bah said in different rhythm patterns. For two non-musical people, A's parents are sure doing a good job of raising a kid who loves music :-)

NOT cute in this past month--A's first ear infection. Poor thing. His first real fever, too. He's had a runny nose for over a month, it seems like, and then two weeks ago started running a fever. L took him to the doctor, and yup, ear infection. He seemed to get a little better, but still had the rivers/bubbles of snot (sorry!) and general crankiness, so this past Wednesday L took him to the doctor AGAIN, and the infection still wasn't cleared up. They got him a stronger antibiotic, so hopefully he'll be back to normal soon. Sick Bubba = sad bubba :-( It also doesn't help that he's been getting some of his incisor teeth, and L doesn't like giving Tylenol for anything that's not a fever, so there's that pain too. On Weds I picked up some Hyland's teething tablets for him, which hopefully will help--I've known lots of moms who swear by them. 

It's been a long, long weekend without my Bubba, and I can't wait to see what's different tomorrow!