Saturday, October 29, 2011

14 months!

Bubbaloo is 14 months old today! And oh, the changes...just this last week or two, two more teeth and another about to pop, he's walking more confidently every day...and!

A's receptive language--understanding what we say--has just been growing by leaps and bounds this week. Like, I said, "Go find NaNa's bag!" at the end of baby gym to get him away from the balls, and whaddaya know? He zoomed right across the entire gym to get to my purse. He can also identify nose, hair, and toes--i even witnessed him respond to the TV saying "hair" by touching his own! And he also is awesome at putting things *in* a receptacle rather than only taking them out...which is a big skill! He helps clean up the balls at baby gym and put them in the bucket, and he will happily drop his paci into the crib when i get him up from naps if i tell him to. He's even starting to understand that NO means NO...although we're still working on that one!

Basically, every day he is getting more and more towards being a little PERSON interacting with the world, not a baby just observing and being cared for, but a BOY.

I love it :-D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oops. Long time no write!

So yeah, A is 13.5 months old and walking now. Increasingly steadily too! He's even starting to walk with his hands down by his sides. WHEN DID MY BABY GET REPLACED BY A BOY????

Let's see. He's got three teeth, with the fourth well on it's way to breaking through. So cute...just don't put your hands anywhere near his mouth. Just in case you were thinking about it. OW.

Still no concrete words except his dog's name, which is recognizable but not 100% correct. Very cute though! He even calls big stuffed teddy bears by the same name. Aw. However, he CAN correctly point to Mama's Nose, Shaina's Nose, and A's Hair. It's adorable. And today his mom showed me that, if you hand him his comb, he will "comb" his hair.

We're down to one seems for good. Which is NOT good. because he's not really taking a LONG nap, just one 1-2 hour one. Tried pushing the nap to 11am today, but he only slept for an hour! And then would NOT go down later even though his eyes were drooping and i spent 20 minutes hanging over the edge of his crib patting his back. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Food situation is still a bit in flux. Trying to figure out what works best, what he needs, is he getting his vitamins...and almost every day his mom tells me, oh he loved X for dinner! And then i make it for lunch and he acts like i'm poisioning him. UGH. Although, he did eat pretty well for lunch today--he's eating peanut butter now! No allergies yet for this preemie :-D And he will eat almost anything from a spoon, although sometimes I have to distract him with a toy to get him to eat. This week he's had a cold, too, which makes eating even more of a pain for him and thus for me. No fun.

Hmmmmm what else is new. Oh yeah. Clingy McClingypants. This totally varies, but lately A has been reeeeally clingy. To his mom when she's at home, to me when strangers are around, to me when he's tired/hungry, etc. It is kind of adorable when he hides his face in my legs, but it makes it awfully hard to walk!

Ok i think that's all for now.