Monday, June 27, 2011



Last week was fun. We went to the park on Tuesday and went swimming, and it was great! He *loved* being "dunked" in the water, and it wasn't insanely cold so I really enjoyed it too. However, it would be a *lot* easier with someone else along to help, so hopefully Jill can come sometime this week.

Last week, A was not crawling. He was doing this insane thing where he'd lean forwards, move his hands like he was going forwards, but then turn his body and sit right back down on his bum. Somehow, he got across rooms like this, but it was not very efficient! Over the weekend he put it all together, though! It seriously brought tears of pride to my eyes watching him crawl across the room today. *LOVE*

Last week was also our last playgroup with the same people we've been with forever...but today we started a new one that seems pretty good, with other babies who get Early Intervention services.

Last week was also the beginning of SLEEP HELL. Aka A crying/screaming every night in his crib instead of going down to sleep like he has for the last 9 months. We have no idea what is going on with him. His naps are also completely unpredictable and weird. It is driving us nutso. And by us I mean mostly his parents, because *they* have to deal with him at bedtime! I feel really bad for them though. And seriously, dude, I really would appreciate being able to plan a day knowing when he would nap! It's so hard to know if we'll make it to *anything* because who knows if/when he'll sleep. Bah.

Oh, the last major awesomeness is that he can now effectively feed himself puffs/yogurt drops/whatever. Well, mostly effectively. A lot still gets stuck to his face/hands/bib, but a good deal gets in his mouth! Yay progress!


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry, all five of you who read this! If there's even five...

So. Two short weeks...I swear, I haven't worked a full week all month! Crazy.

Let's the past two weeks, A and I have discovered the library. Oh man. He loves it! There is this toy, it's a big cube that sits on the floor with different activities on each side. Gears on one, an abacus type thing on another, and those awesome bead-wire things on top! Like this: He LOVES it. He will sit and play with it forever. And then there are books, which are always good. Except he likes to just play with them closed, and if I try to open them, he'll close them before I can read them! Strange child. It's also really fun for him to watch the other (mostly bigger) kids that are there, and it's fun for *me* talking to the other moms/nannies. *Especially* since I haven't been to playgroup in like three weeks for one reason or another!

Still no crawling. He can get from sitting to his hands and knees, and from tummy to sitting. However, he just doesn't get the pulling idea, or the moving his legs idea. Hopefully with some coaching he'll catch on soon! Although I know it's going to make my life a bit more difficult, it'll still be fun!

We got our passes for the park this week, and went down and checked it out. It is really nice--a big lake with plenty of shade, and a wonderful playground with baby swings as well! And a splash pad too, though I haven't seen that on. We went on Wednesday, and I so wish I'd realized how nice it was out--I would have loved to at least wade in the water if not actually go all the way in with A. Instead we played on the swings, ate lunch, and i dipped his toes in the water before we left. Hopefully this coming week we'll have a nice day or two and Jill will come and we'll go swimming :-)

We also have been signed up for a baby gym thing. Between that and all the meet-up things that L is signing us up for, and the park, and the library story time, I think we're going to have a jam-packed summer. Woo!

In personal news, I'm moving in TWO WEEKS. A and I might make a trip to the hardware store this week to pick up paint so I can paint my room next weekend. Eek! On top of that my parents are renovating our kitchen at home, and work on that is starting this week. It's going to be insane...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Short week

I only worked three days this past week, because Monday was a holiday and Friday I took the day off to start preparing for my brother's wedding tomorrow!

Tuesday was INSANE with the naps. M and L must have really worn A out over the weekend, because his morning nap was two hours and his afternoon nap was two hours twenty minutes. Which is all but UNHEARD of in the last few months! It was crazy. But good for me, because, well, I needed naps too! Haha.

Wednesday we had some cuh-raaazy weather here in MA. if you haven't heard--western MA had freaking tornados, and out by me we had hail and thunder and stuff. Luckily, the middle part of the day was pretty good, and A and I ventured out to the grocery store! It was pretty fun, he was really well behaved, and we ran into a mom and kids that we met on the playground last week! Small world. So that was good. Oh, and the cleaning ladies came in the afternoon. Normally A really likes them, especially Katia, the one who speaks English (they're Brazilian). However, he's really starting to get into the stranger anxiety thing, and he pretty much clung to me for about fifteen minutes after he got up from his nap and saw them. Especially because Maria (the non-English speaker) tried to take him from me--OMG he did NOT WANT. I love him clinging to's the cutest thing in the world. Hopefully it does not make our lives difficult in the future if he didn't like his extended family members or something.

Thursday my friend Jill came over and we baked! L and M are having a yard sale today (like, right this minute) and wanted to have a bake sale too to get as much money as possible. Not for them--for the Pan-Mass Challenge, a big bike ride that supports cancer research that L is doing in August. She has to raise a lot of money, so everything from the sale is going to that. I made brownies, m&m cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. I hope people buy them! A was pretty good although a little antsy. He's generally pretty happy sitting in his highchair watching us, and he gave us just enough time to do what we needed to. We had a bit of a snafu with the chocolate chip cookies because Jill accidentally measured 1 cup less flour than we needed, but they were still delicious!

And that's it. Next week I might have to work extra hours, since M has to go out to Springfield for the week to help with the tornado stuff. Crazy times we live in...