Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do I *really* have to take a vacation??

I may be one of the few people on Earth who is not 100% happy about a week's vacation. I'm gonna miss my Bubba! And even though I didn't have to, my body STILL woke me up at 6 today so I can't even look forward to sleeping in that much. Roar.

This week was overall good. Watching A becoming more confident in his crawling was *awesome*.  Slash, life is going to get INTERESTING now, because he will *not* stay where you put him! L and M are planning to get their carpets cleaned ASAP and keep the dogs off of the main living room and hallway floors, because L is all grossed out by the fact that they step in poop and then come inside. And then A touches that. EW. I now have to be extra-vigilant to make sure that he is not putting anything bad into his mouth, and that I wipe his hands regularly after he's been playing on the floor. I mean, he's gotta get some germs sometime to build up his immunities, but we don't want him getting the really BAD ones.

We had three new activities this week. One: playgroup set up by Early Intervention folks. There were only three other babies there, and they were all a bit older than A, but it was still fun.
Two: playing in the kiddie pool. On I think Tuesday or Wednesday I filled up the baby pool in the front yard. Got us all sunscreened up, bub into his swim diaper and a shirt and hat, and out we went! I sat on a low retaining wall they have in their front garden, and stuck my feet in to the deliciously cold water. Well, I thought it was delicious--A did not like it at ALL at first. Once he got used to it, though, he really enjoyed splashing around, grabbing at my feet and trying to catch my sunblock bottle...oh yeah--I forgot the water toys. So I put my sunblock bottle in the water...hey, whatever works!
Three: Storytime on the lawn at the library. We *barely* made it to this because he was napping, but it was kind of fun...mostly because we saw a few people we knew and met some others. A wasn't really interested in the ladies talking and singing, although when there was playing with the parachute he definitely watched!

Oh! Almost forgot--another milestone was reached on Friday...A pulled himself to stand. Uh-oh. L joked that by the time I next see him, he might be running around! Eek.

Yup, life is getting verrrrrrry interesting.

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