Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy weekend=late post!

Let's see. It was so great being back with A after vacation! He's BIG now! We will get a definite weight after his doctor's appt on Friday, but he's gotta be at least 20 pounds...and he's pulling up on anything he can get his hands on, and trying SO hard to stand on his own but mostly he just goes *plop*.

Last week...we went to lunch with my mom before playgroup on Monday. it was fun, he was really good although he acted completely confused when my mom tried to interact with him. He was like, who on earth is this person and why does she act like she knows me?! Hehe. We discovered a new cafe that had a sandwich that is now one of my favorites EVER. Roasted turkey, vermont cheddar cheese, and mayo on cranberry bread. so sweet and good!

Tuesday...I honestly can't remember. I know we went to the beach one day...not tuesday. Tuesday it was too hot. now i remember. It was seriously like 94 degrees...ICK. Pretty sure we just lazed about inside all day.

Weds, story time on the lawn at the library. This time we actually got there on time, and A actually paid attention! Then we played on the playground for a little while.

Thursday was baby gym! I really like baby gym, the people there are really nice. A showed off his crawling and worked on it some. Not much else to report that i remember.

Friday was the beach! It was fun! The water there is like a bath, it's so warm, yet it's still enough to make it better than the air. We "swam" around, investigated the splash pad--too cold!--talked to a few people...A ate the most in one sitting as he's done in a long time...then we had to get back home, he napped really well, then his Early Intervention lady came. I like her! She was very impressed with A's speed, but told us that we really need to *keep* him crawling as long as possible. We are not supposed to encourage him to walk or stand or anything, because he really needs to get the upper-body strength that he is still missing as a preemie. She showed us how to make an obstacle course of sorts for him, basically putting pillows in his way and making him crawl over them. Apparently this makes him use his arms a lot's also really fun for me, lol. Of course, the best things to put as incentive are electronics--cell phone, ipod, nothing will stop him from getting to them!

A's sleeping is still effed up. L says no matter when they put him down he doesn't fall asleep until 9:45pm--REALLY late for a baby. and then he doesn't sleep late or anything, and his naps are still hit-or-miss. two days last week he took 2-hr morning naps...the others it was maybe 45 min. it's insane. kid completely pwns us, we live by his schedule. Sigh. Luckily he doesn't seem to be suffering too much...just some occasional crankypants. He's still my angel-baby :-D

K that's all for last week! Hopefully I'll get to this week's while everything is still fresh :-)

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  1. Tsk tsk you are getting later and later every week! :-p