Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh, to heck with it.

I think I'm just gonna say to heck with weekly posts, and instead just post when something interesting happens.

Like, today (and apparently yesterday), A cruised! For people unfamiliar with baby milestones, this means he "walked" while holding onto furniture. In other words, before too long, WE'RE SCREWED. Lol. Speedy crawling baby already has taken over the world, walking baby...EEEEEEEEEEEEEK. Yeah. we have to keep all the doors shut in the hallway, or he will super-crawl to them and play with them and eventually shut himself inside whatever room. We are terrified that he will slam his fingers, although he hasn't already.

A LOVES: Doors. Wheels. Shoes. Hair.

These things are all potentially hazardous. So we keep him away from them--unless they are part of a toy.

Luckily, he also loves: looking at books. Being scared/surprised. Being thrown into the air. Being tickled. The swings. Water, as long as it isn't too cold.

All of these are good things :-)

I love his new independence. He's so big and strong, such a "boy" as opposed to a "baby" now. He'll be one at the end of the month! Eek!

The main complaint I have these days, other than the continued nap irregularity, is the WHINING. I. Cannot. Stand. It. He will whine until he is picked up, and then he will continue to whine, and then if you put him down HE CRIES. WHILE WHINING. And if you try and feed him when he is not really hungry, because he's WHINING for NO REASON, YOU ARE EVIL. and he will SCREAM. and kick. and become possessed by the devil.

Can you tell we had a frustrating afternoon today?

Anyways. It is going to be a fun-packed month, I can just tell!

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  1. I am glad that you have admitted that they are not weekly posts anymore but don't get out of the habit completely otherwise you will never post ala me!

    Sounds like the terrible 2s are coming before age 1. Interesting. Do you still need to force him to crawl so he can gain upper body strength or is that over?