Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week in review...

Okay, so Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal, except for M being home. It's not too awkward, except when he comes upstairs and I'm watching my super-girly-trash shows, haha. I think it was Monday that he changed the channel and we watched something about the history of illegal moonshine for a while. fun.
Wednesday we built the playroom! I don't know if I mentioned that they have two big Boxers, Desi and Cooper. They are gross and dirty and Cooper slobbers a lot and yuck. So up until now, we've had to contain A to a mat or quilt on the rug in front of the TV, and endeavor to keep the dogs off so that he wouldn't come into contact with their germs (especially because they often step in their own poop outside, and you can't really teach a dog to wipe its feet...). However, once M's mom moved out of the in-law apartment on the lower level of their house (it's a split-level and all the important stuff is on the top floor), they moved their office down there and cleaned out the office upstairs for use as a dog-free playroom! Last week M painted it a nice cheery yellow, and then this Weds M and I built a nice shelf and put down some padded flooring. Here's a picture, with A's back in it :-) I won't show his face 'til I get permission, but there's no harm in the back of his head!
Nice, huh? it was fun. except the 20 minutes I spent on my hands and knees spraying and wiping down the mat with the Dreft toy cleaner stuff. So worth it though, for a dog-free room that he can crawl around freely once he gets around to learning! We still spend time in front of the TV, of course--I can't miss Today, Ellen, or Nate! And the rocking chair that we feed him his bottles in is out there too. But hopefully now we will spent most of the rest of the day playing in here or outside, not glued to the tube.

Thursday was another exciting day. M is going quite nuts being stuck at home, and so he decided to take me and A to the Rainforest Cafe at the nearby mall. It was SO FUN! A loved it, behaved beautifully, was not phased by moving animals and loud noises and even a thunderstorm! That kid, he's amazing. He just kept staring around, chewing on his seat-cover thing, smiling and cooing at me and his Daddy...He especially loved the waterfall and the fish tanks. I had some very delicious fried chicken. Nom! We walked into the mall after to find a place to sit and feed A, and he devoured some "mixed veggies" after I realized the bottle we'd brought had a too-small nipple and he wouldn't drink from it. M had to pick up A's reflux meds in another town after, and we rode along and A slept in the truck. Awesome. AND he took an afternoon nap too!

Friday was pretty normal except that L AND M were home, and that M had two visitors who oohed and aahed over A. Oh and? He took a 35 minute nap in the morning. then an hour and fifteen minute nap a few hours later. And when he woke up from that, we were like, ok no way is he going to take a third nap! But guess who got him to go down again? Yup. As he gets older he is starting to have reeeeally distinct signals when he's tired--shaking his head back and forth really fast is one, and now he's started rubbing his eyes too. it's very useful :-)

Hmm...last note is that L brought home a little book on baby sign language, and we're going to start doing a few signs with him. We've decided on eat/food, drink, more, and change, to start. We'll see how it goes!

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  1. yah for sign language! the back of his head is definitely cute! :)