Monday, April 4, 2011

The Mother of All Naps

Today A slept for over THREE HOURS STRAIGHT. Completely on his own. In his crib. No soothing.

Of course, this was because his routine got messed up yesterday and he slept like shit, so his parents weren't very happy today, but still. THREE HOURS. it got to the point where I was worried! And of course I didn't get anything really accomplished other than eating lunch, because really, he hasn't slept that long in like a month, so why would I expect it? And he kept making noises and turning over (we have a video monitor--SO useful) so I thought he was waking up, and then no.

Yeah. I just had to share. Cuz, WOW.

Tomorrow: Playgroup! And I think M might be coming with! Should be interesting cuz there are no other men in the group :-)

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