Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend was insane. So, late post!

Um. This week.

Tuesday was fun. Well, except for the morning...poor A spit up just about everything in his stomach around 8:30 while I was giving him his food-breakfast. It was insane. And messy. And it came out his nose. And he was, understandably, upset. However, once the spit-up stopped and I got him calmed down, he was happy as could be. And he went down for his nap SUPER quick. And then I got him up so M and I could get Brueggers before playgroup! It was so funny having M there, because there are no other men at playgroup EVER. Some of the babies were like, wtf is this strange man doing here?! But one of the other small babies (there is a group that are all A's age or a little younger, and then a group that are 9-12 months) was totally enthralled with him and would smile like crazy whenever he looked at her. It was cute.  Anyways, A was again a total was almost freaky. I totally expected him to start whining in hunger at any minute--you'd think, after all that spit-up, he'd be starving! But he totally didn't care. M fed him a few ounces at playgroup and he was just...fine. Strange child.

Wednesday, M took us out to Target. We got some more things for the playroom--a little boom box for playing the radio or cds, a beanbag chair, and a stuffed Lightning McQueen thing. They also ordered a Cars-themed little couch for him online. Yay! It's fun to play in the playroom, to not have to worry about keeping him on a blanket or keeping the dogs off. Anywho. Target was fun, and then we went to M's hairdresser's place so she could see A, and then we went to M's friend's garage so he could see his car that he's selling and so that THEY could see A...This was all fine and good, except poor baby kept falling asleep for just a few minutes and then getting woken up again. Ah well.

Thursday, I took A to the mall to get lunch and shop a bit with my friend Jill. It was super-fun, he was (almost) a perfect angel, and he fell asleep in the stroller for 45 minutes which was AWESOME! It was so cute--he had his hand out holding the handle of the carrier (it's a snap-and-go stroller, meaning the carseat/carrier snaps onto a base) and that's how he fell asleep. His hand was up on the handle for a good ten minutes or so before it fell! Precious. And while he was asleep I scored some gorgeous tops at Delia's, woot woot.

Friday was a half-day, since both A and L had appointments in Boston. Nothing too exciting happened, I don't think.

Sorry, I know this wasn't a terribly thrilling post. Hopefully next week will be a bit more interesting!

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