Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

Ugh. New England. SERIOUSLY? We've had maybe two nice days in two weeks. And it's driving. me. insane.

So last Sunday I was able to go to the Christening, which was awesome. Even though I had to kind of sneak into the church and sit far away from what was actually going on, it felt right that I was there. And then at the party afterwards, A kept leaning out of his mom's (or whoever's) arms towards me, and it was awesome. And then he was falling asleep in my arms, so I put him down for a nap, and he slept for like an hour and a half...which of course prompted M and L to tease me again about giving him drugs, lol. M's like, it's only because you're here that he's sleeping this long! What do you do?! But anyways. I like being an authority on A, second only to his parents pretty much. And it was also gratifying to hear some of L's friends tell me that they've heard a lot about me, and that it is all positive! Seriously, did I luck out or what with this job???

The week was pretty uneventful, mostly because of the @#@$&(*! rain. We had playgroup on Monday, which was fun and a little less stressful than usual because L has given in and said that I don't have to try so hard to keep him on his own blankets any more. WHEW. It is getting pretty much impossible to do that, even at home on the rug, because he's rolling and he pulls at whatever he's on...Yeah. So it was nice to be able to just let him play on the big quilt with his buddies.

A's got a new favorite toy this old Verizon remote, with the batteries taken out of it. For serious. He'll ignore everything else to get to a's good to have one to give him that won't change my channel!

Other than that, it was a pretty boring week of just playing inside, trying to stay sane, fiddling around with what he eats (L decided to try to go back to a full jar of food each time, but he then didn't eat enough formula, so we're back to half...). We did go to the mall on Friday with my friend Jill, because I just needed to get OUT. And buy shorts. lol. Got lots of compliments on "my" cute baby, lol. Sometimes I let comments like that slide, but mostly I am just like, I'm actually his nanny but thanks, he is super-cute isn't he! :-D

L texted me this morning that A learned how to clap and got a tooth for real this weekend! I'm very excited for tomorrow to see these new develoments :-)

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