Sunday, May 15, 2011

Freaking phases...

A is going through some sort of phase again. And it was driving me UP A WALL. The sleep was just so incomprehensible. One day he took three naps, 40-40-25 (minutes). The next, he took three naps, 50-80-45.  Jeez. And then yesterday (Saturday) L texted me after 9am that he had woken up at 6 but hadn't yet taken a nap--she was like, where do you keep the magic nap powder? Man, I hope he napped at some point!

And then to top off this crazy sleep week, on Friday he pulled a bottle strike JUST for me. He'd drink one ounce, then refuse the rest until I gave up and fed it to him on a spoon. Like, seriously? he'd act like I was poisoning him if I tried to get him to drink the rest from the bottle. W.T.F. little dude. I did absolutely nothing different from any other day! He drank for his parents that night and yesterday though, so hopefully on Monday THAT will be back to normal at least.

Other news from the week is just a lot more progress with the rolling. It's going to be impossible soon to keep him on a quilt in front of the tv, which we have done thus far to keep him from getting doggy germs all over him. I know I should take him in the playroom more, but it's hard because we feed him in front of the TV (that's where the rocking chair is) and so I get hooked on whatever show is on, and then I want to keep him there so I can keep watching! I'm going to have to break my habits. But as long as I can just watch my 3.5 hours in the morning (Today, Ellen, Nate Berkus) I think I might be okay.

We didn't get out a lot this week except for playgroup, because it was just yucky out. It's MAY but it's acting like late March! Lame. We finally got out on Friday--I was tired of having the same old same old for lunch so I took A into their town center and went to a deli and then we walked around a little bit. It was pretty fun, and I def want to explore that area a little more. A woman I met said that there is a playground not too far from the center, and once A is more mobile I'll definitely want to check that out! We'll also be going to a park with a lake this summer, L and M are going to get us a pass. I'm both excited and nervous to go to the beach with him...just thinking about everything I'd need to BRING is a little overwhelming. Plus, will he nap outside? Who knows! Maybe if I'm lucky L will be able to come with us the first time to help me figure out how to do everything.

I just can't wait to be outside!

Today is A's Christening. I really want to go, but I might have another commitment...unless it gets rained out. I'm really hoping it does!

See ya next week...

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