Sunday, December 18, 2011

RIP :-(

Just got the sad news from L that their other dog, Desi, died last night. She has been kind of sick lately, she had a pancreatic tumor that was making her diabetic, but she was on medicine and doing fine...then last night they came home, let her out of her crate, and she just collapsed and died. Sounds like probably a heart attack. She was old, but still. It was a total shock, not like Cooper where they knew he had cancer and had a few days to prepare for his death.

A loved that dog. His first intelligible word was her name. He calls all big stuffed animals "De-di!" We used to play "Desi's gonna get you!" where we'd be holding him and lean down and put his head close to hers so she could lick him, and he'd laugh histerically. It's going to be hard to remember now that I can't distract him by saying, "Where's Desi?"

I feel especially bad about these dogs' passing because I complained about them all the time. They were Boxers--big, smelly, prone to shedding and drooling. Cooper was loud and gross and obnoxious. Desi would always just stand and stare at me and whine for no reason I could tell, and it annoyed me. Or she wouldn't listen to me when I told her to do something and I'd get mad. But that house is going to be so quiet and weird without either of them...Cooper's loss left a huge hole, and Desi's is going to leave a crater. It's making *me* cry--so I can't imagine how my bosses are feeling right now, having had Des for about 10 years and Cooper for 6. They were their babies before A was even a possibility in their minds.

RIP Cooper, aka "Ugly Bastahd" and Desiree, aka "Hooker Bitch". You were loved and you'll be missed...even by me.

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