Sunday, September 11, 2011

So close...

Bubba is SO close to walking! He does awesome holding on to just one of a grown-up's fingers, and recently has been seriously working on his stability while standing. He'll often let go of something to clap or investigate whatever object he managed to reach on the couch...but when he realizes he's standing, *plop* down he goes! It's kind of funny...except, we really need him to walk. Soon. Because we signed him up for the "walkers" group of Baby Gym, and that starts Thursday, and it'd be a pain to switch groups. Hopefully the nice ladies who lead it will be good about it and let him stay assuming he learns in the next week or so. He's SO CLOSE. And I remember when I was saying that about him crawling, and whaddaya know? The next week he learned. It's kinda like the opposite of when you have a cough and it won't go away and then you go to the doctor and it disappears...we say he can't do something, we despair of him ever doing it...and then BOOM. There it is. So here's me putting it in words: A's neeeever gonna walk, it's taking him sooooo long...hehe. I'll let you know how that works out.

We have had a few playdates in the last two weeks. It's so fun! One of A's friends, W, likes to steal his toys. His face is just like, what're you doing, lady? That's MINE! Another friend, G...I'm not sure I really want A around him. Because G BITES. and he has 8 teeth with which to do so. On Thursday he was over with his mom, the babes were playing in the playroom, and all of a sudden we see G going to "hug" A--except A wanted none of it! G's mom pulled him away, I rescued a red-faced and inconsolable A...and once he calmed down, i noticed a lovely little tooth print on his FOREHEAD. The little bugger bit my baby's head! No thanks! Haha. Poor A.

Speaking of teeth, A is *finally* getting another one, on the top. I fully expect it to be through the gum when I get to work tomorrow, because it was very obvious on Friday.

He's doing a lot better with food, letting himself be spoon-fed most of the time in addition to feeding himself stuff. and eating a LOT! I think we're almost done giving him formula, once they run out...the doc said it doesn't really matter, we can just give him vitamins and switch to just milk and real food. And apparently a LOT (like, 32oz!) of water...which is tough for me, he never seems to drink as much with me as L says he does with them. I dunno.

Ummm...yeah. A new round of playgroups starts this week, which I'm pretty psyched about. I love getting out of the house! And soon enough we'll be snowbound...ugh. Trying not to think that far ahead but it's creeping up on us...

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