Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who knew it would be that easy?

Main accomplishment of the week: SLEEP! Over the weekend, L and M started putting A down to sleep with very minimal walking/shushing. And HOLY CRAP. IT WORKED. We can now just put him down, give him his lovey (a little blanket with silky trim), put his little music thing on, and leave the room and he will FALL ASLEEP ON HIS OWN! Sometimes with a little (or more than a little) crying, but if I get the timing right he'll be asleep within minutes. Only a parent or other caretaker can understand how awesome this is. Fo' reals. The only bad part is that he has not been sleeping as MUCH as before--when I would rock him to sleep and then put him in the swing, he'd sleep for up to three hours; in bed the longest so far is 1.5 hours. Ah well, he's sleeping through the night, which is what really matters! was a pretty normal week, except that Monday my father went to the doctor to get checked out because he'd been having some weird problems with his leg and hand since Friday. Turns out he had a (luckily) small stroke, due at least in part to undiagnosed high cholesterol and blood pressure, and he had to spend the night at the hospital. Since the playgroup I go to with A is at the same hospital, I took him up with me to see my dad after group on Tuesday. Considering that he (A, not dad) was really over-tired, he did really well and let my mom hold him and such while I talked to my dad. And then he fell asleep the second the car started moving and slept two hours in the carseat! Nice.

Other exciting news is that M had foot surgery on Friday, and so will home for three weeks, since he can't do his job on crutches. I still have to work--he can't really carry A or even probably push the stroller on his crutches--but he'll be'll be interesting. He's a lot of fun to be around and we get along fine, but it's just gonna be very different having him there all day! He said maybe we'll take some day trips--he was like, I can't stay inside all day, I'll go crazy! And I said, welcome to my life the past three months...why do you think I like going to playgroup so much?! Haha. It'll be neat to go places with him though, maybe even into the city!

I seriously want the weather to get better. On St Patrick's Day it was almost 70 degrees out and I took A out in the nice stroller for an hour-long walk. I cannot WAIT until that is possible every day, because oh MAN do I need the exercise! And it's great for A to see the outdoors and get fresh air...while he was born at the end of August, he spent a month in the hospital, and then it was starting to get cold, so the poor thing has been indoors most of his life I think! I want to be able to spread a blanket on the lawn and sit and play, to go to the park and walk around, to spend as much time OUT as IN. Hopefully soon...

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